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Store: Shopping with Cherrypal


Cherrypal products are worldwide recognized for high-quality, low-energy consumption and very low prices. We are predominantly a design, engineering and manufacturing company. Cherrypal is working with fulfillment and distribution partners wordwide in order to provide speedy delivery and local support.

Unlike other manufacturers we never experienced any mayor quality issues with our products, even those that just got launched.

We continuously provide free software upgrades, a 30 days money back guarantee and 1-year warranty for all Cherrypal products. Please send refund and warranty requests to return@cherrypal.com (please mention your order number). We ship worldwide for the same low shipping fee of US$ 18.80 per order.



Cherrypal's shipping policy and order management process are green/open/fair as well.

Green:  In order to save on logistics and energy cost we ship centralized out of our Hong Kong warehouse. The less we have to move the goods the less energy is consumed and the lower the price for you.

Open: We provide tracking numbers, of course. We update our order management automatically and notify you by email every single step in the shipping process. The average delivery time for customers residing in the United States is about 7 days, for anyone else about 2 weeks. 

Fair: Everyone pays the same price for shipping, whether you live in the United States (delivered by United States Postal Services) or anywhere else in the world. Our objective is to make Cherrypal products affordable to anyone – we stand for “green computing for everyone” afterall.