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October 05th, 2010

Cherrypal, Maker of $99 Laptop PCs, Forms Non-Profit Edwin Foundation To Promote e-Learning

Cherrypal, Maker of $99 Laptop PCs, Forms Non-Profit Edwin Foundation To Promote e-Learning

Cherrypal has spun-off of its worldwide "Education Wins" (Edwin) campaign into a charitable non-profit organization. For every $250 (US) donated to Edwin donors will receive a pre-launch Android 2.1 CherryPad America tablet computer.


Cherrypal Corporation, www.cherrypal.com, known for its high quality, low-power consuming and inexpensive laptop computers today announced it has spun-off of its worldwide "Education Wins" (Edwin) campaign into a charitable non-profit organization.  

In order to provide sufficient funding, Cherrypal's board of directors agreed to supply The Edwin Foundation with pre-launch CherryPad America tablet computers prior to Cherrypal's official launch, which is expected sometime in October. For every $250 (US) donated to the Edwin Foundation donors will receive a brand-new limited edition pre-launch Android 2.1 "CherryPad America by Cherrypal" tablet computer.

Main objectives of Edwin are to foster Internet-based learning (eLearning) through free high-quality educational content, promote "digital divide" focused partner projects, and inform the general public about Internet privacy issues.

According to Cherrypal's CEO John Collier, "Edwin has been such a big success that it is impossible for a small-margin hardware manufacturer like Cherrypal to carry the cost alone going forward. Cherrypal's main focus is to design and manufacture high-quality, low-power consuming and inexpensive computers. We will continue to support charitable and humanitarian projects within our green/open/fair value system and financial limitations."

The Edwin Foundation will be headed by Max Seybold, founder of Cherrypal and manager of the previous Cherrypal "Good Morning Edwin" program.

"What started really small has become a global movement," said Seybold. "Our partners in Africa, South America and Asia are eager to make "Internet-based high-quality learning" a reality. Besides developing countries there is also huge demand in parts of North America, Europe and Oceania to address the achievement gap."

All proceeds of Edwin's CherryPad tablet computer fundraising rally will be used to fund The Edwin Foundation's new initiatives. For more information please visit the Edwin website.

October 03rd, 2010

Cherrypal Donates Laptops, Creates Learning Center for Children in Ghana

Cherrypal, the company that brought to market the world’s “greenest” laptop computer, has teamed up with The Paajaf Foundation to build a learning center for children in Accra, Ghana. Without access to the learning center, it is unlikely that children in the area would have access to the Internet.

October 03rd, 2010

Our Green Maraschino Open Source Initiative has Soft Launched!

We have quietly launched our Green Maraschino open source initiative. The objective of Green Maraschino is to provide an open platform for computing using the least amount of power possible, from silicon hardware to super cloud architecture.

Developers, users and all other interested parties are encouraged to rise up to the challenge with us and participate in making Green Maraschino the most effective and most environmentally friendly computers on the market. We currently have 10 projects that we’re working on, and we’d love your help

October 03rd, 2010

Cherrypal Announces the World’s First $99 Laptop, Redesign of Bing, Open Store

The $99 Cherrypal Africa features a 7” screen, Internet browsing capabilities and much, much more. Along with this new product launch, Cherrypal is also announcing the redesign of the 13.3” widescreen Bing laptop. Priced at only $389 (including Windows XP), the Bing features 1.6 GHz operation, 1 GB DDRII memory, 160 GB HDD, 1.3 MP integrated web camera and (3) USB ports.

The Cherrypal Bing and Cherrypal Africa can both be purchased through the revolutionary Cherrypal.com “Open Store”, which features products designed by several different manufacturers. All non-Cherrypal products featured in the Open Store are priced at least 30 percent less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, but carry Cherrypal’s unconditional 30-day money back guarantee

October 03rd, 2010

Since launching CherryPalTMon July 21, 2008, we have received an overwhelming response from the media. We’ve taken more than 10,000 calls and emails from media outlets, users, distributors, resellers and potential partners from all over the world. Some of the most popular news outlets on earth have dedicated coverage to us, including:

  • The New York Times
  • PCWorld
  • Gizmodo
  • The Tech Herald
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • VentureBeat
  • Treehugger
  • Market Watch
  • Engadget
  • Linux Journal
  • Many, many more!

This kind of interest helps us to know that we’re on the right track – the demand is there, and we’re doing our absolute best to meet it. We will publish more details regarding CherryPal’s Green Maraschino Cloud architecture toward the end of this quarter, so be sure to check back in.

If you are a member of the media and would like a review sample of our C114 “nettop” desk computer or our Bing netbook, please feel free to shoot us an email asking for one. We’ll be sending out a reserved number of samples at the end of March.