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Although we are Silicon Valley, California based company we have a truly global mindset, Our products are designed in Palo Alto, California and manufactured in China. We don't believe that every customer need in any country in the world is the same and very much appreciate feedback and new ideas. When we designed the Cherrypal Africa we mostly had the need of users in developing countries in mind.

We follow a very customer focused process, we call it the “Cherrypal Design Principles”. Our priorities are: First and foremost, affordability, pleasant user experience, high-quality, low-energy consumption and last but not least using environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Honestly, we don't claim to be a fashion leader, however, we have been called a lifestyle brand, since me made “green computing for everyone” a reality.

Although we thoroughly analyze what consumers really want, without the fluff and hype, we need your feedback and contribution – please participate in one of our communities.

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