United States

Cherrypal is Green

At Cherrypal, we believe that less is more. Less energy consumption, less waste and fewer components used will help ensure that more resources are available for future generations.

The Bauhaus movement taught us that form follows function. We took that lesson to heart, and our design principle is that configuration should follow individual use. Why build an expensive, high power, high-energy system if the user only wants to check emails, browse the Internet, write a paper and edit a spreadsheet?

We take being green very seriously, and we are extremely proud of the environmentally friendly computers that we’ve created. Under full load, Cherrypals consume only 2 watts of power per hour. Cherrypals consume less energy than traditional laptop computers. Plus, Cherrypals use significantly fewer parts than traditional laptops.

This amounts to less heat exposure and fewer parts that need to be replaced over time. Without a doubt, we’ve designed our Cherrypals to last a long, long time. This doesn’t just mean that you’ll have to spend less on future computer repairs and replacements, but that there will be a few less computers clogging up our landfills.

Of course, we don’t just build our computers to be environmentally friendly – our entire company is green! We rely on wind power to operate our Cherrypal site.


As far as we’re concerned, caring about preserving the planet is an obligation, not an option. We’re ready to step up to the plate and meet the challenge. Are you?.