United States

CherryPal is Fair

Our computers are not only fair to the environment, but fair to the open source community, CherrypalTMusers and our partners as well.

We have committed ourselves to helping to bridge the so-called “digital pide”, both domestically and internationally. We’re currently doing our part by partnering with PAAJAF, a charity in Africa to set up a computer center for impoverished children in Ghana. We are constantly looking for ways that we can help put technology within everyone’s reach, and welcome new ideas about how to make that dream a reality.

We believe in thinking long term. As a result, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the most energy efficient products that produce the least amount of waste possible. We’ve also put forth a lot of effort to ensure our products are both inexpensive and long lasting, giving CherrypalTMusers the most bang for their buck possible. In today’s economy, it’s important to us that our machines don’t just meet the expectations of consumers, but exceed them.

In order to serve our customers better, we’ve broken with the traditional business model and have branched out our online store to include a wide variety of non-Cherrypal products. Since we use our negotiating power to bring you the best deals possible, you can shop at ease knowing that every item we sell is at least 30 percent below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

This is an attitude that we maintain when we enter into agreements with our partners. True partnerships should be win-win situations for everyone involved: our customers, our partners and the environment. After all, it’s only fair.