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When kids are growing into mature adults you have to give them space to develop their own personalities. The more you love them the more you have to let go. Cherrypal’s “Good Morning Edwin” campaign has helped many organizations all over the world to get closer to their dream of providing affordable Internet access for […]

College student in Accra working with a Cherrypal Africa

With a population of more than a billion people, explosive mobile phone adaptation and access to inexpensive Internet-access devices (like desktop, laptop, tablet computers) Africa is entering the “Information Age” at a mind-boggling pace. What are the risks and opportunities for governments, consumers, entrepreneurs, investors, and humanitarian organizations? Based on Cherrypal’s extensive work with many […]

Good Morning Edwin

We have been asked by many to launch a laptop donation program. Good Morning Edwin! The donation program is called “Education Wins” (EDWIN). Our objective is to support projects all over the world to make Internet access available to everyone. We will also provide tailored free educational applications and content, depending on region and age […]

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I have been asked by Dennis Allison to provide his students with more details about the design principles of Cherrypal laptop computers, the architecture of our cloud computing plans and the impact of our “good enough” product strategy on the developing world. Your feedback is very much appreciated! Stanford University Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer […]

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Cherrypal Africa Windows Edition

Cherrypal is probably the only major laptop vendor being accused of scam. How so? First, when we started shipping Cherrypal Africas in December of last year we ran into a couple of unforeseeable problems, or rather surprises. I will get to this later. Second, we have been told repeatedly when a company promotes Africa and […]

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It’s Christmas Eve and I am watching “Love Actually”, one of my favorite movies. Love is all around. I am very grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response and encouragement Cherrypal received since we launched the Cherrypal Africa about a week ago. People from all over the world told us that this would be the first […]

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When most people in industrial countries talk about cars they talk about horsepower, torque, mostly technical details. If you need a car but can’t afford one all this technical “bragging ” details don’t matter anymore. All you want is a vehicle that drives you from point A to B, in the safest, most reliable, economically […]

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For many of us, owning the newest range of gadgets including the latest and greatest computers, laptops and mobile phones can become incredibly important. We seem to need the highest speed internet connection possible and the most advanced operating systems because that is what we feel makes us more productive, work quicker and well, we […]

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4:00am PST: The Cherrypal site has been hacked. For security reasons our site is down right now. Please send us an email to and we will inform you when the site is up again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Update: 11:10am PST, the site is up again. Personal customer information has never ben compromised, they […]

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Philip Appiah from PAAJAF approached me some months ago. PAAJAF is a humanitarian services nongovernmental organization based in Accra, Ghana, West-Africa.  The  foundation provides food and shelter, clothing, basic health care, community building skills, job training  and education for children, women and orphans. Philip’s vision was to improve the lives of his 600 members through […]